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About Dr Johnny Serrano

Dr. Serrano is dedicated to providing the best care possible to each and every one of his patients. He continuously keeps abreast of the newest, and latest technology, and specializes in... Read More

Treatment Options

Why Live With Varicose Veins? Varicose veins are very common these days.  Many times they can be very painful and, if not treated, they can... Read More

Before & After

Read on to find out what steps you should take to prepare for your surgery. We care about each and every patient, and have provided this information as... Read More

Varicose Vein Treatment By Precision Surgery P.C.

Located in Glendale, Arizona, Precision Surgery, P.C., is dedicated to providing caring support from start to finish. From the original surgical consultation through your healing process, we are there to care for you. Our focus is you—we strive to keep up-to-date with the best minimally invasive methods and technology. Dr. Serrano is one of the first in the valley to attain the status of accredited Robotically Trained General Surgeon. ........ Read More

Our Patient Testimonials

Amazing! I was suffering for so long and in silence. Now I have my life back. Thanks, Dr. Serrano.Actual Client
I was always too embarassed to wear shorts.  Living in Arizona that made my life miserable to be by the pool or at cook outs in my jeans or sweats.  Now I actually show off my legs.  I feel free both physically and mentally.  Showing a little more skin in and out of the house has also had some positive effects on my husband.  This is a miracle treatment ladies.  Don't wait any longer...make an appointment and go see Dr. Serrano.Actual Client
My mom had her veins done and now I can't keep up with her. She's like a kid again. Thanks, Dr. Serrano.Actual Client
My legs look and feel great!  It's fascinating to me how they can do all that through such tiny punctures.  I didn't feel any pain and I have no scars.  Dr. Serrano is a master at his craft and it shows.Actual Client
My pain and fatigue are gone!Actual Client
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