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varicose vein specialistIn a world of blurred edges and grayed lines, surgery is still one area that is very black and white. I operate at the Advanced Varicose Vein Treatment Center because I’m drawn to it precisely for this reason. As a doctor of varicose veins, I have performed countless surgeries in both hospital and office settings, and love how exact and immediately effective each and every surgery is.

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No matter which kind of varicose vein treatment I perform, I know that with my skills and expertise, the results can only be phenomenal. Transforming a patient’s attitude and well being is my speciality, a passion that has kept my love of surgery alive for more than 15 years.

Above all, I strive to educate the public on varicose veins and the fact that they are 100 percent treatable. Helping people is the best part of my job and I can think of no greater joy than instilling confidence in people and putting smiles on their face through my work as a surgeon.

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When you entrust your surgery to Dr. Serrano, a leading varicose vein specialist in Phoenix, you have the assurance that the procedure is being performed by an experienced professional. In almost a decade of practice, Dr. Serrano has performed over 5,000 laparoscopic surgeries.

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