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Varicose Vein Treatment: What to Expect

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

116857628Here at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatment Center, we know that physical improvement has become a common occurrence in the 21st century. From hitting the gym to going under the knife, building your self confidence can be easy, and having healthy, younger looking legs can play a key part. At our center, we specialize in relieving you of unwanted and often times uncomfortable varicose veins using several different treatment options.

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The beauty of our treatments is that they are completely out-patient, meaning that treatment is done the same day and no time is spent overnight at a hospital. In addition to that, our treatments are quick and virtually painless. While the whole process takes around 45 minutes, the actual surgery takes less than five minutes. Most of the time is spent prepping the patient and numbing the leg.

To minimize the discomfort of our patients, we not only numb the leg, we also prescribe them valium and a little nitric oxide, ensuring that our patients feel nothing more than a pinch. After surgery, we encourage our patients to walk for 30 minutes to help circulation within the legs. We also ask our patients to wear compression stockings two weeks following surgery to help with the healing process and prevent any new varicose veins from forming.

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When you entrust your surgery to Dr. Serrano, a leading varicose vein specialist in Phoenix, you have the assurance that the procedure is being performed by an experienced professional. In almost a decade of practice, Dr. Serrano has performed over 5,000 laparoscopic surgeries.

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